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One Funny Guy

By Joanna Varikos
Super Comedian | No Bull | The Substitute
No bull
When people pass Greg on the street, they often do a double-take. Not only does he get recognized because he’s been onstage at local comedy clubs around the country, but also because of his appearances on numerous television shows. His work includes guest spots on “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit,” “King of Queens,” and “Ed,” which he explains as “not really a drama or a comedy, it’s a ‘dramedy.’ It’s like half drama, half comedy.” Additionally, he starred in an independent film shown at the L.A. Shorts Film Festival called “Hung Up.” However, it’s probably Greg’s strong resemblance to one television character some would rather not be associated with that really gets him noticed: Bull from the 1980s series “Night Court.”

“That’s the opening line in my act. I say, ‘Do I look like Bull from Night Court?’ and the crowd [roars with laughter]. And then I tell them to shut up, it’s not funny,” he says. Maybe the comparison stems from Greg’s decision to shave his head for the simple reason that, as he says jokingly, “I just thought it was cool, man. And who’s cooler than me? Nobody.”

As if asking a comedian to be serious is possible, Greg puts the jokes aside and confirms he actually does have hair but going bald has worked with the ladies and provided him with more small-screen opportunities. The one thing that might make him consider growing out his hair: being told it’s the only way to get the leading role in a movie. “I would water my head to grow the hair back, like a chia pet,” he exclaims.

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